Your 2020 nutrition motto: get back to basics!

There are a lot of diet camps these days—vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free, the low-carb plus high-protein approach, the latest "superfood" as the answer to everything method, and so on.
While there are debates about some of the finer points of healthy eating even among experts, there's one thing we can all agree on: limiting highly processed foods is paramount for good health.
That's the conclusion of a new research review comparing the typical American diet, which is high in processed foods, with the eating habits from regions of the world where people live remarkably long lives free of disease. Consuming highly processed foods like chips, other packaged snacks, frozen dinners, candy, refined grains, soda, and "energy drinks" on a regular basis can contribute to weight gain and obesity along with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
nutrition at jersey shore fitness nj These foods are notable for what they lack—fiber and nutrients essential for good health—and the "extras" they contain, such as chemical emulsifiers, which may harm health. If you eat a lot of packaged foods, make 2020 the year you ditch or at least limit them and get back to basics. That means filling your plate with whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans and lentils, nuts, whole grains, fish such as wild salmon, spices and fresh herbs, and good old H20!

Yes, eating real food sometimes requires a little more planning and prep than the "grab and go" stuff. But the payoffs—better health, more energy, and potentially a longer life—are well worth it!

- Cleveland Clinic Wellness


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