Get moving: Physical activity transforms "bad" fat cells into good ones!

"What can brown do for you?," the famous ad slogan for UPS, applies to your body, too. Specifically, your fat cells. Whereas white fat stores energy (aka, calories), brown fat helps you burn energy. And here's the best news: White fat cells can transform into brown ones, according to a new study. How?

The answer is exercise. A hormone called irisin surges when you jog, speed walk, play tennis, or climb stairs — anything that gets your heart and muscles working hard. When that happens, it helps turn white fat into brown — and helps stop fat from forming in the first place! So if you're looking for more motivation to get an exercise routine going (beyond the benefits to your heart and brain, cancer risk, and mood, of course), keep in mind that regular exercise helps you manage your weight beyond simple calorie burning. Every week, aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise that gets your heart rate up, along with two or three sessions per week of strength training.

Source: Irisin exerts dual effects on browning and adipogenesis of human white adipocytes Cleveland Clinic Wellness


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