Get grounded: Try this calming meditation to boost energy and health.

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For most of us, fall is a busy season. That's why it's a good time for a relaxing meditation based on the concept of grounding, or connecting to the earth. Grounding weaves principles drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as other energy medicine systems. Doing a grounding meditation is simple, calming, and can restore a sense of well-being. (Note: If you have any condition affecting your ability to safely stand or sit with bare feet on the ground, consult your primary care provider before attempting this exercise.) Select a patch of healthy grass or bare ground that is free of garbage, sharp objects, or anything that may cause injury to the feet. The ground should neither be too wet nor too dry and should be a comfortable temperature for bare feet. You can also try this exercise on a bare, clean floor.

  • 1. Simply sit on the ground or on a chair or stand placing your bare feet flat on the ground. As you make contact with the ground, create an intention to connect with the larger, supportive energy of the earth.
  • 2. Imagine that the kidney point becomes a gateway through which all energy that no longer serves you can leave your body and move into the ground.
  • 3. Imagine now that through this same point, fresh, grounding, stabilizing energy comes up from the earth, into your feet and into your body to help you stay present, resilient and vibrant throughout your day. You may want to imagine strong and healthy roots extending from the bottoms of your feet into the rich earth to support you.
  • 4. Take a few slow, deep breaths and send gratitude to the earth for anchoring you, and to the bottoms of your feet that allow for this grounding experience to take place.
  • 5. If you wish, you can end your meditation by sending out an intention that all beings on this earth also be able to stay grounded, healthy and vibrant wherever they may be.

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