Sore Muscle Treatment Tips

stretching helps with soreness

The only “cure” for sore muscles is time for them to recover and heal. Wait for the muscles to heal before working at the same level that originally caused the muscle soreness. Move the sore muscles slowly and easily until they return to their normal state. Work below your previous intensity until their strength returns. No-one has discovered a panacea for DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness) yet but there are remedies that have proved to be of some help in the recovery process. These include ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medication, massage and heat treatment. To reduce sore muscles; Gradually warm up your muscles to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles before you work them. Your joints will also become less stiff and your body better adapted to the demands of the exercise. Stay hydrated. Keep your muscles fuelled with good nutrition and good dietary habits. Give your body time to recover properly so that it can adapt slowly to your improved levels of performance. A massage will reduce muscle soreness by stimulating the neutrophils (white blood cells that fight inflammation). Relaxing in the pool, a hot tub or a salt bath for 15 minutes will reduce muscle tension. Include stretching and flexibility training as part of your long term exercise program.

Source: Cleveland Clinic Wellness


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